Raman Tehlan
Software Engineer, StockGro
B.Tech, SRM University

I am a computer engineer with a passion for building scalable and distributed systems. I am currently working at StockGro, where we are building the future of investing. Previously, I worked at IBM Research, Google Summer of Code, Udacity, and Knowlarity.

I enjoy working on projects that have a positive impact on the world. I believe in open source and have contributed to many projects. I also like being a part of or building tech communities and have previously been a part of communities like ILUGD, PyDelhi, and organized events like PyData Delhi Meetup and Conference.


Oct 2020 - present
Software Engineer, Bangalore, India
Software Engineer Intern
I created a project to support reproducible computing using nteract and Binder—the ability to start an interactive notebook session via a unique URL, with content provided by any version control system and executed in a remote environment.
Mar 2020 - May 2020
Student Researcher, Bangalore, India
Researched on the topic of 'Bootstrapping Datasets for Link Prediction using a Search Index' and 'Neuro-Symbolic Reasoning for Person Ontology Population', under the supervision of Balaji Ganesan, IBM Research.
Jun 2019 - Sep 2019
Full Stack Engineer Intern
I worked on an early stage SAAS application to manage projects and teams together.
Sep 2018 - Nov 2018
Software Engineer Intern, Delhi, India
As a part of the Growth Engineering Team, I worked closely with the marketing team to achieve monthly KPIs. I also took the lead in many weekly campaigns and developed the required pages/infrastructure. I also created an internal tool for the team to upload their daily/weekly sheets and update the database with new data.
Jun 2018 - Aug 2018
Software Engineer Intern, Gurgaon, India
I led app migration from AngularJs to Angular 5; Implemented debugging module; Optimized time complexity to bring loading time < 2 S.


2016 - 2020
B.Tech, Computer Science


  • Data Intensive Systems
  • Distributed Systems
  • Data Streaming Platforms
  • Large-Scale Data Processing Platforms


Talks at different places


Check my GitHub for the complete list
Developed business transaction maintainer; Analysis and Visualization tools with cloud storage for documents; Multi-languages, themes, files operations supported;
Foresto is a real-time multiplayer game. The aim is to run through a forest and collect fruits on your way. You get 10 points for one fruit, and there are multiple fruits on every tree. To score more points, cover the maximum area on fruits. More points you have, higher you will be on the scoreboard.
Tool to bi-directional synchronize two folders in two different devices, with auto-detection of change in the file.
Pulse is a heartbeat monitor; it connects with your smart band and fetches your pulse in real-time to display it on a dashboard. It currently supports MiBand 2 and 3, but support for more devices can be added.
RedisAnt maintains your client-side cache end-to-end at the speed of light. It connects with your MongoDB database and automatically ingests the requested data in your local cache and keeps the cache fresh as a daisy.